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Mosque Dawah Committee Awarded LADO Grant

The following was included with the application. Assalamu Alaikum! Throughout my upbringing and adult life, I have witnessed the profound impact of healthy diversity within the Muslim community and its positive contribution to broader society. Unfortunately, I’ve also observed the consequences when diversity is not embraced. I am thrilled to share that the Dawah committee at the Islamic Society of Greater Springfield, IL, has been actively promoting Islamic education, dawah training, leadership development, and program initiatives over the past few months. We are fortunate to engage with an active interfaith community, receive regular requests for information about Islam, and collaborate

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How Latino Dawah Affects You

The Impact of Latino Dawah on Strengthening the Muslim Community Dawah, the Islamic tradition of spreading the message of Islam, takes various forms across the globe. In recent years, there has been a significant and positive development within the Muslim community – the rise of Latino Dawah. This refers to the efforts made by Latino Muslims to share their faith with fellow Latinos and the wider community. This phenomenon has brought about numerous benefits, contributing to the diversity, unity, and growth of the Muslim community. In this article, we will explore the various ways in which Latino Dawah has positively

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Invisible Barriers: Rethinking Islamic Accessibility for Everyone

By Heather Albright As-salamu alaykum wa Rahmatullah, Access to the Islamic community poses a double challenge, but Alhamdulillah, we persevere. Unfortunately, most masjid boards lack experience in working with brothers and sisters with disabilities. Consequently, individuals with disabilities often face an additional burden in gaining access to their local masjids. There are a lot of questions that a mosque board can ask itself. Have you assessed whether your masjid is truly Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessible? Have you tested it? Have you considered the accessibility of the Wudu area? Does paratransit service both sides of the masjid? Is there

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LADO Timeline of Accomplishments

Timeline September 1997 Latino American Dawah Organization (LADO) is founded to promote Islam among Latinos in the United States. October 1997 LADO begins to formalize its mission statement and the means for accomplishing its mission. October 1997 LADO selects “¡A su LADO!” as its slogan. October 1997 LADO establishes first LADO website. October 1997 LADO establishes first LADO online newsletter. 1998-2000 LADO makes alliances with organizations on a local level. January 2001 LADO initiates Latino Muslim Census. July 2001 LADO attends the 2nd Annual Latino Muslim Conference. July 2001 LADO is endorsed by ISNA and ICNA. August 2001 LADO is

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The LADO Genesis

By Juan Alvarado Evolution of the Latino American Dawah Organization Since childhood I always noticed that I was spiritual to say the least. I was baptized, did my communion and confirmation. I was even an altar boy. By the time I was 19, I renounced Christianity once and for all due to my lack of belief in the basic teachings of Christianity. However, I continued my search for truth. This search led me to read on a non-stop basis, something that I still do. After studying Islam for a couple of years, I was sufficiently comfortable that I decided to

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LADO Current Projects

What you can do to help! LADO is a volunteer organization. We need: Islamic literature.LADO always accepts donations of Islamic literature. Contact us if you have books, brochures, or cds that you would like to donate to Latinos interested in Islam. You can also purchase Spanish and English language material and donate it for free distribution. CDs, DVDs, and Audio Tapes.We need recordable CDs and DVDs to copy and distribute Spanish Islamic literature. Talents, skills, and interests.We need people with various skills and talents. Use your interests for the benefit of the Ummah. Volunteer Translators.We need volunteers who can speak,

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Check it Out! The LADO website

y Natasha QuraishiIllumination Magazine, June 2003. Pg 3.www.illuminationmag.org The Latino American Dawah Organization (LADO) is anon-profit organization founded in 1997 that iscommitted to providing information about Islam,particularly to the Latino American community. Withthe increasing number of Latino Americans discoveringor rediscovering Islam, it is a much neededorganization. LADO’s motto is ‘AT YOUR SIDE!’ whichmeans ‘At your side!’ The LADO website, atwww.latinodawah.org, contains a wealth of informationfor prospective reverts and non-Muslims. The sitecontains LADO’s monthly newsletter, useful links onIslamic information and websites, and a library withIslamic resources for beginners in English, Spanish,and Portuguese. From the ‘Contact Us’ page, youcan find Latino Muslims from around the country. Helpacknowledge the diversity

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Dawah Beneath the Palm Tree

By Khadijah Rivera Piedad, Florida Throughout our illustrious Islamic history, various messengers were sent to different lands to spread the teachings of Al Islam. The beginning of a convert’s Islamic duty is to spread the message in their own land! As Hispanic Americans, we believe we should utilize our gift of a second language to teach our brethren right here in the USA, our adopted homeland. Hispanic Muslims are generally pious people who have taken religion seriously throughout history. Our ancestors have always sought a deeper commitment to a higher truth. The horrendous tragedy of September 11th brought out the

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How Non-Latino Muslims Can Help

Assalaam alaiykum, Muslims from various backgrounds must work together to spread Islam among Latinos. There’s always dawah work to be done. LADO recognizes the need to specifically target Latinos and thus seeks to assist in dawah efforts among Latinos. Some of our most active supporters are not Latino at all. Latinos cannot and should not isolate themselves from the general Muslim population. LADO’s motto is: “¡Puro Latino! ¡Puro Islam! ¡A su LADO!” Here is a list of things you can do… Greater interaction among Muslims and Latinos is needed. Participate in Latino forums, seminars, and volunteer work. Invite Latinos to

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