Dawah, July - Sept 2003, Latino Muslims, Organizations, Other

Check it Out! The LADO website

y Natasha Quraishi
Illumination Magazine, June 2003. Pg 3.

The Latino American Dawah Organization (LADO) is a
non-profit organization founded in 1997 that is
committed to providing information about Islam,
particularly to the Latino American community. With
the increasing number of Latino Americans discovering
or rediscovering Islam, it is a much needed
organization. LADO’s motto is ‘AT YOUR SIDE!’ which
means ‘At your side!’ The LADO website, at
www.latinodawah.org, contains a wealth of information
for prospective reverts and non-Muslims. The site
contains LADO’s monthly newsletter, useful links on
Islamic information and websites, and a library with
Islamic resources for beginners in English, Spanish,
and Portuguese. From the ‘Contact Us’ page, you
can find Latino Muslims from around the country. Help
acknowledge the diversity of Islam by checking out the
site and giving feedback to LADO!