Our Story

The LADO Group is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization registered with Tax ID 84-5056478. The LADO Group is also known as the Latino American Dawah Organization (LADO). Under the leadership of Juan Galvan, LADO focuses on inspiring and empowering the Latino Muslim community through grants, scholarships, and services that further its mission.

LADO provides scholarships for future Latino Muslim imams and scholars, enabling them to pursue their educational goals and become leaders in the Muslim community. The organization also offers grants to help develop and strengthen Latino Muslim organizations, encouraging the growth and development of the community.

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With a special focus on building community and expressing cultural and religious identities as Latino Muslims, LADO is dedicated to building alliances within the Muslim community at large and promoting Islam through its focused outreach efforts. The organization encourages all Latino Muslims to become better Muslims by incorporating the teachings of their faith and sharing the beauty of Islam through its statement of belief, What We Believe.

Samantha Sanchez and Juan Galvan with Islamic Horizons issue dedicated to the Latino Muslim community.
Co-founder Samantha Sanchez and Juan Galvan with a copy of the 2002 Islamic Horizons issue dedicated to the Latino Muslim community.

LADO has published a wealth of content, expanding the reach of Islam and providing an engaging way to connect with the Islamic faith through its social media presence, online newsletter archive, and online resources. The organization educates people about the rich legacy of Islam in Spain, the Americas, and around the world. With a wealth of online articles and resources, readers can find a powerful and deeply rewarding discussion about Islam and the unique challenges that Latino Muslims face.

LADO’s founders have always believed that Dawah is more than simply translating pamphlets into Spanish. A central part of their outreach efforts is channeled into correcting common misconceptions about Islam and Muslims, addressing the emotional needs of new or potential Muslims, providing support for how to tell non-Muslim friends and family about their conversion, and giving people the strength to embrace Islam and embody Islamic teachings.

Juan Galvan and co-founder Shafiq Alvarado at the Islamic Cultural Center of New York, New York City in 2006.
Juan Galvan and co-founder Shafiq Alvarado at the Islamic Cultural Center of New York, New York City in 2006.

From its humble origins in 1997 as a free AOL page in the early days of the Internet, LADO has evolved into a thriving and flourishing community where people of all races and backgrounds can come together in the name of Allah SWT. The LADO Group hopes to continue its outreach work long into the future. Its commitment to education, outreach and support services, and leadership development is a powerful mission that inspires its members and challenges them daily to become better Muslims.

LADO’s grants and scholarships are a testament to its dedication to the Latino Muslim community. By investing in education and leadership development, LADO is helping to build a stronger, more vibrant community. The organization’s commitment to empowering Latino Muslims to pursue their educational and professional goals is making a real difference in the lives of many. The LADO Group will never lose sight of their goal to help Latino Muslims recover their lost Islamic heritage, and they are passionate about empowering Latinos so that their faith can once again be revived, rekindled, and reborn.

“When God’s help and victory have arrived, and you have seen people entering God’s religion in multitudes, then glorify your Lord’s praise and ask His forgiveness. Indeed, He accepts repentance.”

– Qur’an 110:1-3