Latino Muslims

Thank you letter

By Ustadh Kenny Solis

A Heartfelt Thank You for Your Support Towards My Islamic Chaplaincy Scholarship

Dear Beloved Supporters,

I am deeply moved and profoundly grateful for the overwhelming generosity and kindness you have shown in supporting my journey towards completing the Certificate in Islamic Chaplaincy at Bayan CTS. Your contributions have not only lightened my financial burden but have also filled my heart with hope and determination to pursue my calling as chaplain.

Your belief in me and your willingness to invest in my education mean more to me than words can express. Your support is not just a financial contribution; it is a vote of confidence in my ability to serve our community with compassion, empathy, and integrity. It is a testament to the power of unity and solidarity in uplifting one another and making a meaningful difference in the lives of those in need.

Completing this certificate program will equip me with the necessary knowledge, skills, and spiritual guidance to provide compassionate care and support to individuals facing various challenges in our community. Your generosity is not only helping me achieve my personal goals but is also empowering me to be a source of strength and solace to others during their times of need.

I am deeply humbled and honored to have your support on this journey. Your generosity has reaffirmed my faith in the power of community and the importance of serving others with love and compassion. As I embark on this path, I carry your kindness and support with me, knowing that I am not alone but surrounded by a community that believes in me and my mission.

From the depths of my heart, I extend my sincerest gratitude to each and every one of you who has contributed to my scholarship fund. Your generosity has touched my life in ways I cannot adequately express, and I am forever grateful for your support, encouragement, and belief in me.

With heartfelt appreciation,

Ustadh Kenny Solis