Dawah, Jan - Mar 2002, Latino Muslims, Organizations

How Non-Latino Muslims Can Help

Assalaam alaiykum,

Muslims from various backgrounds must work together to spread Islam among Latinos. There’s always dawah work to be done. LADO recognizes the need to specifically target Latinos and thus seeks to assist in dawah efforts among Latinos. Some of our most active supporters are not Latino at all. Latinos cannot and should not isolate themselves from the general Muslim population.

LADO’s motto is: “¡Puro Latino! ¡Puro Islam! ¡A su LADO!”

Here is a list of things you can do…

  • Greater interaction among Muslims and Latinos is needed. Participate in Latino forums, seminars, and volunteer work. Invite Latinos to join your Muslim community activities.
  • Make sure your mosque and Muslim institutions/organizations contain Spanish and Portugeuse literature. This includes Qurans, books, cassettes, and instructional CDs.
  • Keep Spanish Islamic literature in your office, home, and car ready for distribution among interested Latinos. You can print out and distribute Spanish, Portugeuse, and English literature found in the online LADO library.
  • You can also help out with our various projects.
  • You can organize a list of Latino Muslims who would like to help/join LADO. Do you know any Latino Muslims? Let us know.
  • Are you looking for Latino Muslims in your area? Let us know. We have contacts around the country. Search for local Latino Muslims and initiate dialogue.
  • Organize a list of Latino Muslims for future reference. You never know when a Latino interested in Islam needs to speak with a Spanish speaker.
  • Encourage Latino Muslims to advance their Islamic knowledge by studying in various Islamic institutions, including distance learning.
  • Let Latinos know that Latino Muslims exist. Tell them about LADO, about Latinodawah.org, and about HispanicMuslims.com. If any Latino you know expresses an interest in Islam, give him/her our e-mail address.