July - Sept 2010, Poems

Where was God on September 11th and where is justice now?

By Samantha Sanchez

Questions automatically consume our existence
How and why does tragedy happen
Who and what are responsible
Faith is put to the test

Where was God you ask?
God was right there.
With the innocent people who died
With the people who miraculously survived
Even with those who made the horrible and unfortunate choice to cause it
God controls everything
In his infinite wisdom the world goes as it should be

Who did this and how can we fight back?
Perhaps I can answer who didn’t do this more easily.
The workers at WTC who were from all walks of life and all races and creeds
And those who now suffer the consequences of a few men’s actions

The Muslim convert security guard who helped evacuate the WTC
The Palestinian child who cheers not underatnding the severity of the situation
The afghani mother whose children are starving as she sends them into the landmines for food
The Sikh business man
The Pakistani grocery store owner
Yet all have been blamed for this tragedy
and doubly suffer its consequences

Have we all not lost our freedom
Have we all not filled with sorrow
Shakespeare whispers to me, “when you prick us do we not bleed “

Would God want this?
Isn’t tragedy enough
Must racism be married to it?

How can we fight back?
We can stop the hate
Disunity and war are not the answer
We can fight back with understanding
perserverance, patience and faith

The best weapon against ignorance is an open mind
The best weapon against terrorism is faith
The best weapon against racism is love.
And another bomb is dropped and another terror filled night begins
Some from our hands
And some from others

© 2001