Jan - Mar 2012, Poems

What Happened

By Naida Jakirlic


What happened to you
O Muslim Man?
Hasn’t the prophet taught you something,
toward your wife to be gentle and kind?

Who gave you the permission
O Muslim Man?
to twist Allah’s words
to jail your women inside the home?

To school you forbid them to go
O Muslim Man!
yet when a sister is raped in another land
you pay no heed to it
and think you have Iman.

You say woman is no toy
O Muslim Man!
to the leaders of the west you say
yet you commit the same crimes,
only in a different color they hide.

What happened to equality
O Muslim Man?
before Allah we will stand equal on the Day
or have you forgotten
your long-awaited fate?

What do you think
O Muslim Man?
when stand in front of Allah you shall
and answer for all the injustices
which you have bestowed upon your wife.

In the West women are too free
in the East they cannot even read,
so what will you tell Allah about your power?
how on Earth you abused it
O Muslim Man ?!