July - Sept 2003, Poems

The Life of Jealously and Envy

By Jason Perez aka Sidi Hamza Abdul Mummit

There was this kid named Jealousy who had gun weaponry.
Who ever lived life better than him was his enemy.
He walked the streets like a centipede.
Frustrated with his destiny
Living life like a dark legacy.
He had a brother named Envy whose pockets were empty.
But he had a 45 caliber with a clip that holds twenty.

They made a plan to rob some drug slangers.
They ran into a drug dealer named Anger,
Known for his short temper by gang bangers.
And for his new cars and new clothes on the hangers,
They shot Anger and left him dead in the street.

But they left a witness. It was Anger’s girlfriend Conceit.
Conceit picked up the phone and talked. As she cried,
She called up a big drug dealer name Pride.
She told him that Anger had died,
And that she seen Jealousy and Envy with her own two eyes.
Pride picked up the phone and called his main man Hate.

They looked for Jealousy and Envy till the night got late.
They found Jealousy and Envy coming out the liquor store.
They shot them dead and left them bleeding on the floor.
These are the diseases of the poor.
And the Deen of Allah is the only true cure.