Oct - Dec 2010, Poems


By Samaiyah Brookins, 9 years old

In spring the flowers bloom. The rainy days begin. What fun to play in puddles. Look at the bright yellow ducklings . And the sky is so pretty! It’s the afternoon. Time to go home and eat lunch. YUM! Peanut butter and jelly sandwich and a glass of milk!!

In summer I go to the beach. And splash in the water. The water is so blue! When I am at the beach I make sand castles. It is so much fun at the beach! Splashing in the water is fun too! So I’ll be sad when summer’s gone but fall should bring many more things to do! Then before you know it summer’s back!!

In Fall I pick apples and other fruits. Yum! It’s time to eat the fruits! What a yummy sweet taste the fruit has! What fun to play in the falling leaves! Weeeeee!!!! When I jump in the pile of leaves!! So much fun in fall too!!

In winter I play in the snow and make angels. I also build snowmen and catch snowflakes on the tip of my finger and pop them in my mouth! In winter I also slide down the hill. That is fun! So much fun in winter I’ll be sad when it is gone! But after spring, summer, fall, then it will be winter again!