Jan - Mar 2005, Poems

My Dua

By Isa Lima

Some people want to live to see old age,
others long for wealth and power that’ll never fad,
I just want one thing before I leave this cruel land,
Oh Allah, allow me to die upon Islam.

Everyday I see crowds enter into the deen in success,
as Muslims take it for granted, throw it away, and leave it under
I desire one thing, and that is to leave the best way I can.
Oh Allah, let me die upon Islam.

You ask for spacious houses that can neither save you nor protect you
in the
I build my home in the akhirah with tahmeed, tahleel, and takbir
true peace.
The movement of my lips perhaps appears odd to him who does not
Oh Allah, I beseech you, take my soul upon Islam.

Such pity do I feel for those who waste their lives toiling about,
the fear of joining them makes me tenaciously seek the correct route,
when I reach the end and shaytan tries to confuse me with lies like
of sand,
Oh Allah, cause me to die upon Islam.