Jan - Mar 2002, Poems

My Deen

By Linnet Caban

I wrote this poem after I was harassed by nonMuslim brothers on my way to work.

My Deen
“You should be ashamed” Is what they tell me.
“Why do you worship Allah? He is not God.”
You will not believe what I believe.
Nor will I believe what you believe.
Allah is my Creator. No one can tell me different.
“Why do you cover your head, your body -it’s not normal.”
I humble my self, what I have is not for display.

What is the norm?
Nakedness, display everything, nothing kept sacred, nothing special?
Am I to give in to the work of Shaitan and let myself be guided by those who follow
Am I to just feed into the Haram and worldly things?
Of course your answer is yes…
You answer yes to Shaitan and follow his work.

I am a believer in Allah
I eat, Breathe, think, walk, and speak Islam,
I will never submit to your ways; to your beliefs; your word.
You are an example of Shaitan.
You can do all you can to pull me away from my Creator-Allah.

You can tell me that I am ugly because I humble myself…
You can tell me that my beliefs are wrong…
That Allah does not exist…
You can tell me that I will burn in hellfire for loving Who I am.
Because I will tell you and Your Shaitan – that I am proud.

I am Islam.
I am Proud to Love my Creator
I am proud to be Muslim.

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