April - June 2011, Poems


By Isa Lima

There are times when your heart feels like stone,
and shaytan ravages you like a dog chews a bone.
you wonder how to get out of such a horrible abyss,
where you lie in darkness and can’t comprehend the gist,
Why’re we here upon this treacherous land?
our father was from paradise, you must understand.

We’re in a prison with insurmountable bars and walls,
There’s only one exit, death, it will overtake us all.
some of us have rap sheets as long as the nile,
we continue to sin profusely as we live in denial.
Our Creator has rights upon us, we mustn’t disdain.
sincerity means we’re not seeking any fame.

Rise up from the shadows of darkness that you’re in,
Pray meticulously and give charity incessantly to your kin.
For if you can reach the light and feel it’s rays,
if you can hold tight to the rope of Allah and not go astray,
then you will have successfully escaped the prison without any fear,
you will be greeted by your friends the angels with a cheer.

But remember where you are and rally your strength,
for the time of death might be at length.