July - Sept 2011, Poems

Two Ramadan Poems


Taqwa’s Ramadan Poem
By Taqwa Brookins

Oct 2003

Every Ramadan I wake up before sunrise for Sahur.
Sometimes during the day I read a page of the Qur’an.
In the evening I break my fast, “Yum.” And I eat a date.
On the day of ‘Eid, I wake up before sunrise and get dressed
in special clothes and go out to do a special prayer,
and I do the same thing on ‘Eid al Adha.
I see my friends there.

Sometimes I take naps during the day
to make fasting easier for me.
In Ramadan I pray tarawih and do a du’a,
and I break my fast at iftar time.

By Amir

Being a Muslim is great
Especially when it’s Ramadan!

You get to fast even if under 12.

And after Ramadan it is Eid.
Where you eat as much as you like!