Latino Muslims, Oct - Dec 2003

The Brave Latino Muslim

In Central Park a savage dog attacks a young boy. A man happens to be passing by and comes to the boy’s rescue. He tackles the dog at risk to himself, strangling it to death.

A newspaper reporter is watching everything and takes a few snaps for the front-page picture for the next day’s paper.

Approaching the man, the reporter asks, “What is your name?”
The man replies, “Yahya Gonzalez.”

“Your heroic act will be published in tomorrow’s paper under the headline –
‘Brave Nuyorican Rescues Boy from Savage Dog.'”

Thinking that it would look better if ‘Nuyorican’ is replaced with ‘Latino Muslim’ – so Latino Muslims look good in the paper – the man says, “Yes, I am a Nuyorican, but’s that only part of how I describe myself.”

On inquiring as to what he means, the man says, “I am a Muslim who tries to do good each day.”

The next day, the newspaper headline reads:

“Fanatical Latino Muslim Strangles Dog to Death in Central Park.”