Oct - Dec 2005, Ramadan, USA

Latina Iftar in Houston, Texas

By Susy Tekunan

VOA Indonesia

Two reporters of VOA Indonesia met with LADO sisters on October 7, 2005. It was during Ramadhan, and the sisters were having an Iftar Dinner at one of the sister’s house. We conducted an interview with some members but mostly with Zulayka Martinez who we think could represent the group with her story as the only Muslim in her family.

Before the day of this event, we visited with brother Mujahid and his family at his residence to speak with him about how his life changed after he became a Muslim. Mujahid, his wife, and his father are all Columbian-American converts to Islam. Based on the interviews and footage, we produced a story about the growing number of Latino Muslims in the United States.

The website address for VOA Indonesia is http://www.voanews.com/indonesian.