Jan - Mar 2011, Poems

Islamic Creed

By Saad Shamim

Allah is my Lord,
Quran is my Light

We forbid what is wrong,
And enjoin what is right

Sunnah is my role model,
Islam is my way

Jihad is my life,
Good deeds are my pay

Righteousness is my character,
Justice is my goal

Muhammad (S)’s my messenger,
Iman is my soul

Muslims are my brothers,
Charity’s my gain

Piety’s my mean,
Fasting is how we train

War is what I hate,
Peace is what I love

They say that we are terrorists,
Though we support the dove

This is the Creed I’ll die on,
It sums up my belief

I’ll make Islam prevail,
For Islam is my relief

© September 2004, 7th grade.