Oct - Dec 2011, Other

Hispanic Muslim Day 2011



Sunday, October 23, 2011 @ 1:00 AM

Event contact:

Home 2 (Boxed)


North Hudson Islamic Educational Center
4613 Cottage Place
Union City, NJ 07087


We welcome people of all faith to join us in celebrating the 9th Annual Hispanic Muslim Day. It is a day of recognition, support and encouragement for our new Muslim brothers and sisters. This gathering is to invite our neighbors to learn more about Islam and to celebrate those who already have embraced it. Our mission: to share guidance of the glorious Quran, and the mercy of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) with our neighbors and friends and to empower Muslims to be advocates of the message of Islam. Bring with you your non-Muslim friends. Free admission, lectures, entertainment, Q&A, and raffles. Come and win electronic prizes!