Islam, July - Sept 2006

Hispanic Muslim Day 2006


The Islamic Educational Center of North Hudson held it’s 4th Annual Hispanic Muslim Day event yesterday (September 10th, 2006) to celebrate the Islamic heritage Latinos from across the globe share through their Moorish ancestors who once ruled Spain for over 800 years.

The day’s event was filled with lectures, food, games, and Q&A sessions. Many Latino converts, along with some of their family and friends, attended the event that was first created by IEC 4 years ago to recognize their ever-growing Latino congregation. With the rapid rate by which Latinos are converting to Islam, IEC recognized the need for more information and services much needed by these converts.

Along with supplying their new members with Spanish translations of the Qur’an and religious classes held in Spanish, IEC also coordinated the Hispanic Muslim Day in order to provide these converts with knowledge about their Islamic ancestry and also to bring their non-Muslim family members and friends to the Mosque. The Hispanic Muslim Day gives their families and friends a better understanding as to why they chose to be a Muslim.

Lectures included topics such as the Islamic Spain and the Moors who ruled for over 800 years, “Jesus in Islam”, and “Women’s rights in Al-Andalus”. Brother Abdullah Danny Hernandez who is currently studying to be an Imam (religious cleric) at Al-Azhar University in Cairo also gave a lecture on “Why Islam”, touching upon why Latinos are converting and the beauties to be found in this new way of life.

The day’s event also featured question and answer sessions, Islamic poetry, Nasheeds (Islamic Songs), free literature, and food that included empanadas as well as stuffed grape leaves. And to cap off the day, everyone was invited to observe the late afternoon prayer (Asr) in the main prayer hall, led by Sheikh Muhammad Al-Hayek. With the ever-increasing Latino Muslim population throughout the world and within their own community, IEC believes next year’s event will be even better.