July - Sept 2008, Other

We are Growing

By Nurah Khaled (Lucy)

Assalam alaikum,

I am in vacation back home in Mexico. I came to spend some time with my family. I’m writing because I want to share something really nice with you. When I moved to the USA about eight years ago, there were about only five Muslim families here in my town of Puebla. Every year that I came back I found that many others were here but have never thought that there were other Muslims.

I met a wonderful family about six years ago. The husband is from Pakistan; and she is from Mexico. The brother’s name is Aquel, and the sister’s is Sanah. Brother Aquel managed to bring his brother from Pakistan to Mexico about two years ago. His brother is educated in Islamic studies. He has memorized the Quran; and he also studied in Saudi. He and his brother decided to give Dawa here in my town and also united the few Muslims that reside here in Puebla, Mexico.

They rented a small room in a very ironic place – in front of the cathedral, which is the major church in Puebla. My town is one of the most Catholic states in Mexico, which is why I found the location of the Madraza ironic. Since opening the Madraza two years ago, the community has gathered together on Fridays for Jumah Prayer. Mashallah. Every time I come to visit my family, I contact the brother and his wife; and I come to the masjid on Fridays.

The great thing is that many people have converted to Islam since they started, but they have a problem keeping the people interested in coming back. I think that is because they lack material in Spanish to give to people. Also, the Shaikh does not speak Spanish very well and his sermons are Spanglish. It is kind of hard to give information when you do not have resources.

But Mashallah this past Friday, another sister said that she might be doing her Shahada. Also, the Shaikh agreed to help my daughter with her Quran memorization to keep her from falling behind when she returns to school, inshallah, which is a blessing for me. Alhamdulillah. Now you must be wondering why I am telling you all of this Like any great cause, they need funds and materials to keep up with their mission, Inshallah.

Although they have not asked me to request help, I’m requesting that you help them to grow, inshallah. Maybe some of you can donate some money. Anything is good. Or, maybe you want to buy some Qurans in Spanish for them to distribute among the new converts. You can provide anything that you think might help them. As I said before they have never asked me to do anything for them. I think they are determined to make this masjid bigger, inshallah. Please let me know how you would like to help.

This Friday I’ll be going again, and I will take some pictures to send to you. Inshallah. This place of worship is very small but very nice and cozy. We should say “Mashallah!” because Islam is spreading everywhere. Alhamdulillah.

I’m very proud of these brothers. And, I’m honor that they are spreading the message of Allah SWT. I’ll be here until August 1 but my husband travels all the time to Mexico, so maybe we can keep helping them afterward inshallah.

Allah Hafiz.