April - June 2002, Other

Truth Hidden by Christian Spaniards

By Francisco Rodriguez

The hidden truth that was concealed for centuries, by the Christian Spaniards!

It was told by a Chieftain from the Mohawk and Iroquois Federation, that the first non Native-Americans they had encountered off the Eastern Shores of Northern America, were not the so-called Vikings or in general, the Infamous Europeans; but instead lo in behold, the Moors of Al Andalus! Long before the first European ever made contact with the Native-Americans, some nearly one hundred years before Colombus, ever sailed off the shores of Galicia. In fact the first means of commerce and trade, was not between the Europeans and the Native Americans themselves, but lo in behold between yes, the Moors and the Native-Americans themselves, who first introduced oranges, lemons, cotton, and the means of cultivating the land. Thus, long before Colombus or the first European colony, was settled either in the States or in the Carribean. It is said that many Native-Americans knew about cultivating fruit, vegetables, and the irrigation of the land, before the Europeans ever made this concept known to the Native-Americans. In fact, in the case of the Iroquois, this usage was thence passed down in time, from a simple concept brought to them, by the Andalucians who generally were masters of agriculture. For the proof lays within Al Andalus itself! It was stated and found, that upon Colombus voyage to the Americas, he found Arabic inscriptions on ruin walls, and even the Conquistadors did likewise in Mexico, and in Central America!

Now then many would ask, how would this be feasible if supposively the Europeans, were the only ones who knew the perimeters of navigation, and the outlook of the what the world was like: and only they had the means as an armada and science, to be able to reach such far away distant lands as either India, China, or for that matter, the Americas! But if only one studied Islamic Spain or Al Andalus, they would encouter the fact that the Andalucian Moors, not only had the first remnants of a once great armada; but the fact that simply put, were known for their interaction with commerce with their fellow Muslim brethren from as far as Syria and the Middle East, to the shores of India. And even with their enemies, the Christian Infidels!

Let us not forget that Al Andalus, produced the greatest of not only Islamic, Arabic science, but the seed for European science. Why it is chronicled that many Christians Europeans; mainly Spanish, French and Portuguese, were sent to Al Andalus, to learn about algebra, geometry, physics, mathematics, science, medicine, and lastly but, astronomy. Henceforth long before the invention of the compass was made, the Moors, had through astronomy, learned how to pin point the navigation of a vessel or ship already.

Now then once again, one would inquire, what does this prove or correlate, with the Moors in general? Simple, that this same method of navigation that the Moors utilized in their journeys abroad, were thus after 1492 at the last fall of Moorish Spain at Grenada, utilised by Colombus himself, when he sailed out of the port of Galicia, with this same tactic or naval navigation! In fact Colombus even admitted, that once he arrived to greet the Arawaks of the Carribean, he claimed to have seen populations there dressed like Grenadan Moors. Infact he brought with him a Morisco or Mudejar by the name of Luis Torres, hoping to find communication through Islamic lands abroad that led to the Far East, his original destination! Thus it can be said, that Arabic, was the first language, that the Europeans used in trying to communicate with the Native-American! What Spanish Christian Spain failed to mention, was that the Moriscos or Mudejares, built the ships for Colombus, in the Moorish dry docks itself. And that the theory that the earth was round, was copied and already introduced, by the Moors(Al Baladiyyun) of which Colombus was already prevalent to! Infact Muslims had elaborated that concept and measured the earth’s circumference, 700 yrs before Colombus reached the Carribean!

Now once again how can this be proven? Well through the stored works and records of ‘Ibn Sina, ‘Ibn Rushd, ‘Ibn Qutiyyah and others! Thus, we know about the influence of the Moors, on the Spanish Inquisition in the Americas; and the Moors alleged intercommunication with the Native-Americans. Thenceforth, what does this prove anew? It proves the following one, that it was not Colombus who discovered America, for it was already discovered by the Native-Americans themselves. But for the sake of stipulation, it would be safe to say, that according to the evidence that I have presented, that it was the Andalusian Moors of Al Andalus, who discovered the Americas, and not the so-called Christian Spaniards! Secondly, the so-called Spanish Inquisition, was merely a continuation of the first Spanish Inquisition, against the Moors in Spain. Therefore it precludes that the Christians of Spain, still even after the fall of Grenada in 1492 believed, that the Moorish Empire, was far beyond the edges of Northern Africa, there afterwards. Even then they were incursions made by them into Northern Africa, with the premise of destroying the remaning Moorish Empires, which eventually led to the stolen acquisitions of both Ceuta, and Melilla itself years aftewards!

For many years this had been denied and omitted by the the Christian Spaniard. But yet one thing profoundly that surfaced many years afterwards long since the death of Colombus, the fact that the Christian Spaniards, feared the spread of Islam, because not only did it have a social and governmental structure of governing was which logical, and that many Christians had converted to Islam, because of it’s practicality! But because it was seen as well, as a viable threat to Christendom. Thus everything about Islam was errased, and thus the recipient of this wrath, was the Mudejar or Morisco, descendant of the Moors, at the hands of their admonishers, the Christian Spaniards!

For many years as well, it was sequestered and hidden, was the hidden truth, that despite the prohibition imposed on the Moriscos or Mudejares to travel to the Americas, many did! Infact, many by then who had been completely or virtually absorbed and endoctrined into Catholicism, fled to the Americas. Especially to Mexico, Guatemala, Cuba, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, etc. Ironically many of the arquitectural homes and great large cathedrals that are seen today in those countries and in Spain, were built by Moriscos or Mudejares. In fact the adobe homes and narrow streets of those countries, was a Moorish adaption of their very own homes and streets in once Al Andalus! As for the large Cathedrals, the towers themselves, were a Muslim derrivation of the Muslim minarets of early Muslim Mosques in Al Andalus. It was said, that in those days that suceeded after the Moor’s flight, that many Christians still imitated the acts of the Muslims. Such as announcing at a tower with generally the caretaker of the church, calling on the masses to assemble, then it was replaced of course, by the familiar church bell!

Now we know the truth about what really happened behind the scence, agenda, premise, and but lastly, the hidden truth of the Mudejar, Morisco contribution, in the infamous Spanish Inquisition of the Americas! And the hidden truth about what laid in secret, behind the Spanish Inquisition in Spain and the truth about the Morisco and Mudejar in the end! A Tunisian scholar tells of going to Spainish municipalities and requesting Inquisitorial records, and in some cases reported that some women official would bring them to him, and hand them over to him, with tears in their eyes, asking the Muslims to forgive the sins of their ancestors!

A recent Morisco descendant of Morocco, and a Mudejar descendant of Spain met at the mosque in Cordoba in Andalucia. The Morisco said I speak Spanish, though I speak Arabic. The Mudejar said I speak Spanish, but not well Arabic. But I found an old relic under a tile of an old church nearby in Cordoba. A relic that had the inscription in Arabic, with the words of (La ilaha illah!)He showed it to the Morisco whose name was Mahmoud Gharsiyya, and the Mudejar said to him, what my name is Garcia, Juan Garcia!” They looked at each other and the Morisco said in Spanish, Garcia, “Entonces tu eres mi pariente?” “You are my kindred?” The Mudejar said back in Spanish, “Si, Yo soy tu pariente, mi padre y mis abuelos son de Andalucia! Pero segun ellos, sus antepasados eran de Marruecos!” “Yes, I am your kindred, my Father and my Grandfather are from Andalucia! But according to them, their ancestors were from Morocco!” They chuckled, because the Mudejar remembered a phrase that he said aloud, “Ojala!” The Morisco said oh no, “It is Inshallah!” How odd that two peoples from the same seed and background of Al Andalus, were so distant and apart through the Spanish Inquisition; but yet in the end even despite that, they came to know each other as brothers, Morisco and Mudejar, the lost descendants of the Moors(Al Baladiyyun!) of Al Andalus! This I ask is it merely, a simple mere coincidence that presently many Arabs, Berbers, look like Hispanics, and vice-versa? No, it is not, it is but more a linkeage of blood. I do not dismiss that many Hispanics have Indian blood in them, but as for the Spanish blood, it it is indeed Mudejar or Morisco!

In parting it is said, that even the known Jewish scholar Maimonides exclaimed, that the greatest danger facing the Andalusian Jew, was the atraction to Islam. It is said that perhaps the roots of Zionism fermented itself anon, from Al Andalus, at the exile of the Sephardic Jews! And King Philip regreted expelling the Moors, because of the many vast contribuitions that had been manifested on Spain itself by the Moors. Lastly it is quoted that a French Cardinal Richelieu, chief miniser of Louis 12, said of the expulsion of the Moriscos and assimilation of the Mudejares, that it was, “The most audacious and barbarous counsel recorded in the history of all preceding ages!” Thus I ask the Latino or Hispanic Muslim who claims original ancestral roots to Spain or Portugal, what more proof do you need, for you to come to the realization, that you were always a Muslim, Mudejar or Morisco, before you were a Christian, or Castillian? For the Castillian did not even exist in earnest as an identity, not until the 13 century 6 centuries after the Moors entered Spain. And that Spanish or Castillian itself, was not created as well, before the Moors had arrived. Arabic came before Castillian or Spanish!