April - June 2010, Islam

The Spanish Nasheed Project

By Khaleel Ahmad Gramajo

Before I begin let me greet you with peace and blessings from our Creator, the ONE and only ONE without comparison.

Asalam Alaykum wa rahma tullahi wa barakatu!

I was born in Guatemala. I have resided in California for almost 25 years. I have been singing since an early young age. I used to perform as Christian singer almost every week but I stopped singing after I embraced Islam in 1995. Later in 2003 as a Muslim I started to listen to some Anasheed (plural for Nasheed). This inspiration brought me back to singing, and I started putting some words in Spanish to the Anasheed that I liked. So far, I have done about 20 Anasheed with music based on already existing Anasheed. All my lyrics are in Spanish.

My intention is to spread the word of Islam through song. Most lyrics talk about the beauty of Islam, introduce others to the Prophet Muhammad (saw), and invite others to follow the path of Islam. I hope insha’Allah that this humble work will be used as a tool in the Spanish language to spread Islam to the Latino community.

This project is intended mostly for non-Muslim Latinos. The CD I am working on will give them an opportunity to listen to the message of Islam with a rhythm. I have noticed that when we give non-Muslim books they just put them aside. Nor are non-Muslims always open for a chat to learn about Islam. However, non-Muslims can listen to a CD at any time while driving; and maybe this way will reach them insha’Allah. If one person embraces Islam after listening, we can say that the message within these Spanish Anasheed have served their purpose.

Because I am not a musician, I can only add Spanish lyrics to the Anasheed that are already in existence. I have asked the help of several Muslim musicians but none have given me the help that I am seeking. Alhamdulila! Raihan, a Malaysian Nasheed group, has provided me with four of their tracks to perform. You can find one of these tracks in the YouTube video named “La Solucion” or “Cing Ai Cing Ai” as originally recorded by Raihan in Malay.

La Solucion (Cing Ai Cing Ai) – By Khaleel Ahmad Gramajo

How can you help me? There is a musician that does arrangements for well-known singers and his fees are usually around $2,500.00 per song. When I spoke with him about helping me with this project, he was very hesitant because he is not a Muslim. After telling him that the money for the project would be raised from the Muslim community and the purpose of the project, he lowered his fees to $500 per song including studio-recording time. So far, I have completed two songs and still have at least four more songs to go.

There are several ways were you can help with the Spanish Nasheed Project.

1. The first one is by giving a donation at: http://nasheeds.viviti.com/donations-and-contributions
2. The second is by asking other people to make a donation to this project or collect donations and forward them to website address just mentioned. You can also contact me through my MySpace page: myspace.com/mrkhaleel
3. The third is by talking to Muslim musicians that you know and referring them to visit my MySpace page. If you are a musician or if you know a musician that has his/her own music, you can help by allowing me to make a version of your Anasheed in Spanish.
4. The fourth is by telling others about the need for this project and have them spread the information to others as well. It is important that others know about my project. Please post your comments about “La Solucion” on my MySpace profile. I’m on Facebook, too. If any of you can please add me up in your top friends so others can find my page easier or email it or even post bulletins to help me promote this Nasheed.

Everyone who wishes to help please do so. So far, I have everything ready but no funds. Your help is needed to make sure this project takes place insha’Allah. All donations will go towards this project. And, you can expect insha’Allah the reward that will come as others begin to understand and approach our Deen. And, if you email me your contact information, I can send you a few copies after the project is finished to share with your non-Muslim friends or for your own pleasure insha’Allah.

One of the most touching lyrics is “Oh Profeta” (English for “Oh Prophet”) or “Tuhanku” as originally recorded by Raihan. As you can read the following lyrics, you will come to understand that all of my lyrics are done for dawah use. It goes as follows:

Oh Profeta!
Que duro es imaginar (how hard it is to imagine)
Lo que sufrió el Profeta (what the Prophet suffered)
Al pregonar lo que Allah (when he started to preach what Allah)
A el le habia revelado (to him had revelead)
Pero Dios tenía un propósito (God had a purpose for him)
Todo estaba preparado para el (everthing was set for him)
La Misericordia de Allah (the mercy of Allah)
Del Qureish siempre lo protegió. (protected him from the Qureish)

Ya Mustafa Profeta de Allah (Ya Mustafa Prophet of Allah)
La paz de Dios sea con el (Salallahu alayhi wa salam)
Ya Mustafa RasulAllah
Salallahu alayhi wa salam
Un dia perseguido por enemigos (one day while persecuted by his enemies)
En una cueva el se refugió (he took refuge in a cave)
Y Dios en la entrada una araña mandó (and God sent an spider to the entrance)
Y así del profeta su vida salvo. (saving the life of the Prophet)

Dios reveló todo el Corán (God revealed the whole Qur’an)
Al profeta por unos 23 años (to the Prophet during 23 years)
Y completo la religion (and this way he completed the religion)
Que hoy conocemos como Islam. (that we know today as Islam)

Todos aquellos que no conocen (to those who do not know)
Quien fue el profeta Muhammad (who Prophet Muhammad was)
Quisiera decirles que fué un hombre (I want to tell them that he was just a man)
Que un dia Dios escogiera ente todos (that one day chose among all men)
Ejemplo para la humanidad (as a model to humanity)
Sobre todo en la honestidad (especially in honesty)
Buen hombre, buen padre (good man, good father)
Y esposo tambien digno en todo (and good husband too, he was an example in everything)
El profeta de Allah. (the Prophet of Allah)

Dios escogió a un gran ser (God prepared a great being)
De su creación como guia de los hombres (from his creation as guidance to human kind)
Muy a pesar que ese ser (even tho this being )
No sabia leer ni escribir. (did not know how to read or write)

Dios reveló todo el Corán (God revealed the whole Qur’an)
Al profeta por unos 23 años (to the Prophet during 23 years)
Y completo la religion (and this way he completed the religion)
Que hoy conocemos como Islam. (that we know today as Islam)

Ya Mustafá profeta de Allah
La paz de Dios sea con el
Ya Mustafá RasulAllah
Salallahu Alayhi wa salaam
Salallahu Alayhi wa salaam
Salallahu Alayhi wa salaam
Salallahu Alayhi wa salaam

This Nasheed once recorded is intended to be spread among the Latino community. And, I expect it insha’Allah to serve as a cornerstone to the well being of all Latinos who come across it. Indeed, may they learn to find their way to Islam through this humble song. Ameen.

Thank you for every effort that you take to help and support this project. And, may our Creator bless you for whatever you can give and for your intention to help. Ameen.