Islam, Jan - Mar 2010

The Principles of Islam

By Sayyed Mohammad


In the name of Allah, Most Beneficent, Most Merciful


Know, child, that God is only One,
And has no Partner or Son;
He has made us and everything,
All beasts, all fowls, all birds that sing,
The Sun, the Moon, the Starry Sky,
The Land, the sea, the mountains high.
He knows whatever we think or act,
By Him is seen the real fact.
And only He does what He wills,
He makes, He keeps, He saves, He kills.
Forever the same, no age, no youth,
He is Perfection, He is Truth.
Almight, All-Seeing, Wise,
He had not form, or shape or size.
But Self-Existing is our Lord,
And is always to be adored.


Our God is Just, and loves the right,
The wrong is hateful to His sight,
To all His creatures He is Kind,
He gave us reason that we might,
Know good from bad, wrong from right.
This is the first to light our path,
To gain His grace and shun His wrath.
But gift of reason varies far,
Some wise and others foolish are.
The eyes of mind our passion dims.
And reason oft is quenched by whims.
For second guide we have the men,
Of larger mind and wider ken,
Who could from God a message get,
His Law before the people set.


We call them Prophets, know you well,
Coming events they could foretell.
No nation was without such guide,
To warn them and from sins to chide.
Each Prophet taught in his own sphere,
To worship God and Him to fear.
But thousands of such Prophets came,
Of whom we know not the name,
Of some well-known I mention make,
The Lord God bless us for their sake!
Job, Jacob, Joseph, Abraham,
Elias, David, Solomon,
Lot, Moses, Aaron, Ishmael,
Hud, Noah, Jesus, Daniel;
With Adam first and Muhammad last,
Between the two all others pass.
Their minds were brighter than our own,
But otherwise all flesh and bone;
God did not in them incorporate.
They were but men and seperate.


The books of God, a third guide form,
And us of His Commands inform,
God sent them through His Prophets Great,
Repealing Older by the Late;
The Qu’ran now the Law in force,
The other Books have run their course.


In all these Books ’tis plainly said,
The graves will once give up their dead;
A new life God will give to men.
Who made us once and will quicken again.
That day we shall, to judgment brought,
Be called to answer what we wrought,
And shall be judged by Faith we had,
And work we did good or bad.
The good shall get a festive treat-
Everlasting bliss and heavenly seat.
Where such the pleasure, such the mirth,
We’ve never dreamt of on this Earth.
The bad shall go to hell and fire,
And suffer pains and torture dire.
But sense of guilt to conscious mind,
Is more than all the plains combined.
While sense of having please our Lord,
Is greatest bliss and highest reward.


The Qu’ran teaches us to pray,
Our Lord God five times a day;
To fast the days of Ramadan lent,
To give alms to the indigent;
To visit Mecca once in life,
And to make for God every strife.
Find here the Muslim laws in brief,
May God guide all to this belief.