April - June 2011, Other

The IslamInSpanish Television Show


New Television Show
– Six Month Series –

Hosted by Abu Mujahid Fletcher
Starting May 24th, 2011

Watch on Houston Local Channels:
*Comcast 17
*TVMax 95
*Sudden Link 99
*Phonoscope 75
*AT&T U-verse 99

Watch it live online at www.HMSTV.org!

Houston’s three year old “IslamInSpanish Show” is back for six months and is now filmed in front of a live Non-Muslim, Spanish audience at the Andalucia Social &
Educational Media Center.

The theme of the shows is to portray a balanced way that Islam has benefited
Latinos in Houston and around the world.

Please inform your Latino neighbors, friends, co-workers, and any Spanish speakers to watch this weekly show. The latest show times for the “IslamInSpanish Show” can be found at: http://www.hmstv.org/ProgramSchedule.htm

For more information on how you can be attend a taping and be part of our studio audience, please contact us through our website at: http://www.islaminspanish.org/contacto/

Jazakallah Khair.