Islam, July - Sept 2002

Personality Development in Islam

From “Personality Development in Islam” by Shaykh Salman al-Oudah

Islam did not come to obliterate the personalities of men and turn people into clones of one another, or to make them as if they were all cast from the same mold. Islam came to develop the unique and special characteristics of each individual Muslim so that they can be employed in the service of Islam.

Islam does not seek to turn everyone into a scholar or to make everyone into soldier who brandishes his sword in Allah’s cause. Nor does it seek to turn everyone into devotees who pray all night and fast all day. Quite the contrary, Islam addresses people with what suits their individual temperaments.

Someone who is strong in the time of ignorance remains strong after accepting Islam. A person who is naturally very devout and strongly emotional will find fulfillment in Islam and become engaged in worship and devotion. A man who is brave and strong will find in Islam the duties of jihad. A person with an active mind will find that Islam encourages people to think and to seek knowledge. Perhaps the Prophet (peace be upon him) was alluding to this fact when he said: “Everyone will find easy what he is created for.”