April - June 2007, Islam

My Visit to a California Prison

By Daniel Denton

Friday, March 24 2006

Assalamu Aleikum brothers and sisters,


Today I had an opportunity to go to one of the correctional facilities here in California, and I witnessed something that I have NEVER witnessed before. And, if I did not believe in Allah’s Greatness, I would have sworn that what I was witnessing was an optical illusion.

It was the brothers’ post Eid celebration, and there were about forty brothers in attendance. As I was waiting in the chapel, I noticed African American brothers coming in, and then a few “brown” or Chicano brothers started coming. And, Alhamdulillah, they gave us Salams.

Once the program started, there must have been at least twenty straight Aztec and Mayan warriors from many different gangs from Surenos to Nortenos, and everything in between making Salat with us.

By Allah, Islam is growing with the hard core brothers from all sides of the spectrum. These brothers are under protective custody inside the pen because obviously, what they have done is unacceptable with the prison mentality and politics. These brothers need our support! If you are willing to help send me a note, I’ll see how you can support them.

Whether it’s visiting them, corresponding with them, or giving them money so that they can get access to some basic materials, any help will go a very long way. I am still in shock from this experience. These brothers are Ajeeb, and they have joined the ranks of the believers against ALL odds. Allahu Akbar!!!!!!!!

Keep them in your duas, and try your best to help however you can.