LADO Scholarships & Grants for Excellence

LADO Scholarships & Grants

Welcome to the “LADO Scholarships & Grants for Excellence” Application – a distinctive opportunity for individuals dedicated to fostering positive change within their communities. This application provides you with a platform to highlight your achievements and your active engagement in community service or projects that contribute to the greater good. By applying, you open doors not only to potential scholarships but also to grants that can breathe life into your community-driven initiatives. Our selection process values demonstrated leadership and a resolute commitment to effecting positive change. We firmly believe in the transformative potential of education and community engagement to shape a brighter future, and we eagerly stand behind individuals who embrace this vision. The starting award amount is $100. Residency restrictions apply.

May we have your permission to use your name and 500-word paragraph to inspire prospective applicants or donations in the future?
Are you open to participating in a video interview with a member of the LADO board to discuss your application?