April - June 2003, Islam

Islam Rejects Terrorism

By Yahya Suquillo

The terrorist attack perpetrated at the World Trade Center in New York on the morning of September 11, 2001, cost the lives of thousands of innocent people. This barbaric terrorist act once again tarnished the peace and brotherhood of mankind.

Terrorism in general
Terrorism is a crime against humanity. Its objective is to spread fear in society by killing people, and thus gain strength for its political ends. Even from the past, different ideologies have resorted to terrorism. The Jacobins, who carried out the French Revolution, first used the concept of terrorism during ‘The Period of Terror’, when thousands of people were sent to the guillotine.

In 1870, the racist Ku Klux Klan organization in the United States ruthlessly tormented and killed many people just because they were black. So too, racist terrorism became the norm of the state in Nazi Germany during the 1930s. The Nazis applied a bloody rule of terror against all who opposed them, beginning with the Jews.

During those same years, another ideology also applied the State of Terrorism: 40 million people died during the Stalin regime for opposing the communist ideology.

Communist terrorism emerged in Europe in 1960. At that time, organizations opposed to the state began a massacre. The Red Brigades in Italy and the so-called Red Army Faction in Germany carried out numerous bombings, attacks and massacres.

The union of communist terrorism with separatist aspirations generated even more bloodthirsty organizations. The bloodiest communist group in Spain was ETA, and in Turkey the PKK was organized, ruthlessly killing some 30,000 people.

Racism is a fairly natural consequence of fascism or communism. In racism, fascism or communist theory, terrorism is encouraged and justified. In recent years, however, another form of ‘˜terrorism’ has appeared on the world order of the day, albeit with a totally contradictory concept: ‘Islamic ˜terrorism.’

The concept is contradictory because in Islam there is no room for terrorism. In the Qur’an, God commands all Muslims to promote peace, harmony and brotherhood to the world. Islamic morality is not the cause of terrorism, but on the contrary, it is the solution against it.

Islamic morality
The word Islam comes from the same Arabic root as the word peace. God has revealed this religion to invite all humanity to be guided by the true path and calls them to peace and harmony.

The fundamental characteristics of Islamic morality are such virtues as love, compassion, sacrifice, tolerance, forgiveness and justice. In the Qur’an, God commands Muslims to treat all people well. Muslims are in charge of setting an example to members of other religions, observing a virtuous morality and worthy example of tenacity and dedication. In a verse of the Qur’an, Muslims are told:

“You are the best human community that has ever arisen: you order what is right, you forbid what is wrong and you believe in Allah. If the people of Scripture believed, they would do better. There are believers among them, but most of them are wicked. “. (The Holy Quran 3: 110)

In another verse, God commands Muslims to “respond to evil with goodness”: “It is not the same to do good than to do evil. Repel with what is best and behold, the one from whom enmity separates you will become a friend! fervent!” (The Holy Quran 41:34)

Bloodshed, war and cruelty are terrible sins condemned by God. In one verse, God says this to those who commit these sins: “Only those who are unjust to men and are insolent on earth unjustly commit it. Such will have a painful punishment” (Holy Quran 42:42)

Según el Islam, la matanza a gente inocente es uno de los pecados más terribles. Otro verso dice: “Por esta razón, prescribimos a los Hijos de Israel que quien matara a una persona que no hubiera matado a nadie ni corrompido en la tierra, sería como si hubiera matado a toda la humanidad. Y que quien salvara una vida, sería como si hubiera salvado las vidas de toda la humanidad. Nuestros enviados vinieron a ellos con pruebas claras, pero, a pesar de ellas, muchos cometieron excesos en la tierra.” (El Sagrado Corán 5:32)

The importance that the Qur’an emphasizes in respecting human life has been seen throughout the history of Islam, beginning in the days of the Prophet Muhammad (PBAE) himself. Our prophet made the greatest effort to protect innocent people. He never started a war, except in self-defense. Even then he warned his commanders that no innocent person should be harmed, and that churches and synagogues should be respected. Justice and tolerance have manifested themselves throughout the history of Islam, and Christians and Jews found tolerance and peace in Muslim lands that they could not find in the European states. Hence, it is concluded that Islam is a religion of peace and harmony. It is the duty of a Muslim to behave kindly and fairly with all people and to fight cruelty in the world; for the pinnacle of cruelty is occupied by terrorism.

Terrorism unjustly attacks innocent people. Mercilessly kill small children ” , leave other orphans” , destroy cities and kill families; inflicts suffering on millions of people. Furthermore, some terrorists carry out this evil in the name of Islam and blacken it in the eyes of many people. The people who do this cannot be Muslim.

Although the terrorists appear to have Muslim identities, the terrorism they perpetrated that day in September cannot be classified as “Islamic terrorism,” just as it would not be called “” Jewish terrorism “if the perpetrators were Jews or” terrorism. Christian ‘if they were Christians.This is because murdering innocent people in the name of religion is unacceptable.

Religion commands love, mercy, and peace. Terrorism, on the other hand, is the opposite of religion: it is cruel and merciless, it brings bloodshed and misery. Terrorism is a tool used by racists, fascists and communists; in short, for all those ideologies that reject religion and religious morality. They do not combine, under any circumstances, terrorism and religion. As it is said in a verse of the Qur’an, “If you suffer a wound, others have suffered a similar wound. We alternate those days among men so that Allah will recognize those who believe and take witnesses from among you – Allah does not love the wicked – “(The Holy Quran 3: 140).

The Qur’an refers in another verse, to those who resort to terrorism and cause corruption in the land, in this way: “But those who violate the covenant with Allah after having contracted it, cut the ties that Allah has ordered to maintain and corrupt in the earth, they will be cursed and will have a detestable abode. ” (The Holy Quran 13:25)

For that reason, all those true Muslims must stand up against terrorism, saying out loud and demonstrating to the whole world that Islam is a religion of peace and love, and that therefore Islam rejects terrorism.