April - June 2006, Islam

In Between Religions (Regressa a tu Senior y tu Cultura Latino)

By Raheel Rojas

Bismillah ar Rahman hir Raheem


When I was wandering the land between Christianity and Islam a long time ago I used to visit a lot of Muslim chat sites. I met many people who knew about Islam but did not revert. It was strange that I met these people during that time of my life. A Sikh (The religion that wears turbans) was telling me that he wanted to be a Muslim but he loved and honored his family so he remained a Sikh. He called me a coward for thinking of becoming a Muslim and rejecting my family and ancestry.

Later I had a chat with a woman who knew so much about Islam that I thought she was giving me dawah. She said that she was not a Muslim because in her heart she did not feel that it was true. In some strange way she thought that she was honoring Islam by not entering it in that state. She had such high respect for Islam but did not accept it as her religion.

For both of them, if they remain in this state until death, it will not help them one bit.


I don’t know how many of you are out there, those who are considering reverting to Islam, this is for you. I wandered for 4 years not being not fully Muslim meaning I did not take the Shahada, simply I did not consider myself a Muslim. People of the Book you have come this far but there is the final step in which you will consider yourself a Muslim. I don’t know your reasons but you have to ask yourself how long are you willing to stay in that state, another day, another week, another year? Also knowing that we are ignorant of our time of death, how can we procrastinate? If you don’t consider yourself a Muslim before you die nor will Allah consider you a Muslim when you are raised from your grave.


Belief in Allah is not enough. Most of the world believes in God. But just what do they do with that knowledge?

Abu Talib, the uncle of Muhammad(pbuh) defended Islam, helped it and protected Muhammad (pbuh) but he never accepted Islam. On his death bed he was about to accept Islam but Abu Jahel( father of ignorance) said “you wish to abandon the religion of your fore fathers?”. Abu Talib is in Hellfire but is the least punished of all the residents of Hellfire because of the his relation to Islam and the supplications of Muhammad(pbuh).

The Pharaoh deep in his heart knew that the religion of Musa was telling the truth but he did not accept it as his religion because he was arrogant and loved this world much more and thinking himself God himself. When he was drowning in the red sea he was going to take his Shahada but could not because his mouth filled with mud, it was too late.

Shaytan believes in Allah, Shaytan believes in the day of Judgement, Shaytan has fear of Allah but he disobeyed a direct order of Allah. Shaytan was once the most pious creature on earth so much so that he was in the company of the Angels. But he considers himself far superior to humans that he could not prostrate to Adam as a prostration of magnification. For arrogance and disobedience and for what he has done to mankind, He will be the most punished in Hellfire.


Do you believe with certainty of Allah like Shaytan but are not willing to submit? Do you know Islam is the truth but wish to remain with your life as it is for a while, like Pharaoh? Or are you hesitant to revert to Islam like Abu Talib in order to remain loyal to the faith of your ancestors?


My sincere advice is not to delay your Shahada like I did or consider your self Muslim and start praying. I was single then and had lots of time. Now I have little time and a family to take care of. I can only imagine what I could have done for Islam during all that time of wandering.


What can be more Latino that being Muslim. Spain was predominantly Muslim for 800 years. The shining light of Islam belonged to people who spoke Spanish, mashallah. Europeans came to Spain to learn sciences. Spain brought the renassance of Christian Europe. Islam spread in Spain through reversion of the indigenous people not mass immigration of Moors as they have you believe. It was only when the Muslims forgot their duty to Allah that Allah removed Muslims from power and removed His protection and gave it to the Kufar. In a few years Muslims were wiped out from Spain, such is the punishment of Allah.


I have been starting to learn some Arabic in order to understand the book of Allah al-Quran. Some words I found.

Aruz, rice, Arroz
Inshallah, I hope Godwilling, Ojalah
Allah, Allah, Ole
Baqara, cow, vaca
kuzina, kitchen, cocina
SebbaT, shoe, zapato
Roppa, dress, ropa

As Spanish speaking people we are not far from the language of Islam. We even can roll the r’s like the Arabs. Say rabb = lord = senior.


Sorry for writing too much. I try not to. I edited this quite abit for length. But I hope you can see Islam as more of a homecoming for Latinos. If a family member says “don’t abandon the religion of you ancestors” you can tell them “I am not, *you* have abandoned the religion of your ancestors, I am coming back.” If anyone should be more comfortable becoming a Muslim it is the Latino, inshallah.


If you are considering Islam, bear witness. If you have doubts about Islam investigate. If there are remnants of Christainty that you cannot let go, investigate them. Who said what, why and when. Be truthful to yourself and to Allah.


From the emails I have recieved, many are so close to Islam. They greet me with Salams and know Arabic words. They have surpassed me in knoweldge when I reverted to Islam a long time ago. But I bore witness and so should you (my advice). You did not travel this far to not embrace your destination.


If you need to know more or need some help, Inshallah I am here for you Latinos and all the children of Adam. I only want the best for you all and the best is submission to God. With that we can never go wrong.

May Allah SWT guide you all and may we all be successful on Judgment Day, Insh’allah (Ojala) AMEEN