April - June 2012, Mexico

An Islamic Expedition to Mexico

By Sadeel Allam June 26, 2013 http://www.icna.org/an-islamic-expedition-to-mexico/ Can you picture 115,296,797 persons? Now, out of that amount, 3,700, according to a 2010 census by the National Institute of Statistics and Geography are Muslim, with a one third concentrated in Mexico City. Over the past 10 years in the conflicted area of Chiapas, reside approximately 300 native people, some which are from the ancient Mayan civilization that don’t speak Spanish, but have reverted to Islam. This is where the heart of the journey begins for Nahela Morales, a Mexican American Muslim who has taken it upon herself to carry through a

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July - Sept 2008, Mexico

The Mexican Kitchen’s Islamic Connection

By Rachel Laudan http://www.saudiaramcoworld.com/issue/200403/the.mexican.kitchen.s.islamic.connection.htm Saudi Aramco WorldMay/June 2004 When Mexico’s leading writer, Nobel Prize laureate Octavio Paz, arrived in New Delhi in 1962 to take up his post as ambassador to India, he quickly ran across a culinary puzzle. Although Mexico and India were on opposite sides of the globe, the brown, spicy, aromatic curries that he was offered in India sparked memories of Mexico’s national dish, mole (pronounced MO-lay). Is mole, he wondered, “an ingenious Mexican version of curry, or is curry a Hindu adaptation of a Mexican sauce?” How could this seeming coincidence of “gastronomic geography” be explained?

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April - June 2008, Latino Muslims, Mexico

What Latino Muslims Can Learn From Mexican Muslims

By Tania Tahira Canales Islamic Center of Mexico Before September 2001, Islam was largely viewed as a religion for Arabs. Most Mexicans could not identify a woman wearing hijab with Islam if they saw her walking down a Mexican street. After September 11, Mexican people received all kinds of information about Islam. They heard good information, half-true information, biased information, and misconceptions about Islam. But many Mexicans wanted to know more about Islam. They wanted to know what we Mexican Muslims had to say about Islam. After understanding Islam, many Mexicans understand why some of their countrymen have embraced Islam.

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Mexico, Oct - Dec 2004

Two Events in Mexico

Centro Cultural Islamico de Mexicowww.Islam.com.mx Fiesta (Open House) del Fin de Ramadhan Assalaam A\’laikum Dar as Salaam (Tequesquitengo, morelos), tiene el agrado de invitarlos a un evento (Open house) que dará inicio a las 10:30 AM el Domingo 14 de Noviembre. Habrá una serie de actividades recreativas (montar a caballo, football, paseo en lancha, nadar etc) y platcias sobre el Islam. Habrá una comida y una gran oportunidad de conviviar con Musulmanes. Estan muy bienvenidos nuestros amigos No Musulmanes a pasra el dia con nosotros. Hermanos y hermanas si el Domingo 14, cae el dia del Id y quieren hacer

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Mexico, Oct - Dec 2002

Ramadan in Mexico

By Mudar AbdulghaniIOL Mexico Correspondent http://www.islam-online.net/english/news/2002-11/24/article51.shtml MEXICO CITY, November 23 (IslamOnline) – Muslims in Mexico started observing the holy month of Ramadan on November 6. Some Muslims determined the date based on information received from Islamic countries, while others used information received from adjacent countries, mainly the USA. The moon sighting information from abroad concurred with information received from the Observatory of the UNAM (the Autonomous University of Mexico.) As normal, the Taraweeh prayer started immediately on the night before Ramadan, and was well-attended by members of the small Muslim community of Mexico City. The Islamic Center has planned and

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