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Unity Unveiled: The Marvel Beetle Chronicles

In an upcoming cinematic venture, The Blue Beetle, a character of Latino heritage, and Ms. Marvel, a character representing the Muslim community, are set to unite in matrimony. This groundbreaking film aims to showcase the formation of a pioneering onscreen family, one that embodies both Latino and Muslim identities. Anticipated to be a trailblazing production, this movie will mark a significant step forward in portraying diverse and inclusive narratives. The couple’s offspring is slated to bear the name “Marvel Beetle,” signifying the fusion of their remarkable legacies. #BlueBeetle #MsMarvel #LatinoMuslims #HispanicMuslims #LatinoDawah

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Humor, Jan - Mar 2002

The Juan and Juan interview

By Juan Galvan Assalaam alaiykum,Juan Alvarado and I were supposed to do an interviewtogether on a Columbian radio morning show. I chickenedout at the last minute. I began to worry that I’d makea fool out of myself. My Spanish isn’t the greatest. Ialso don’t like interviews very much. Juan did a great job. I listened on the other lineduring the interview. The top three questions Juan wasasked were: 3. Do you think John Walker is a traitor?2. Do you pray at the mosque three to five times a day?1. Would your wife let you have four wives? I couldn’t believe

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Not Without Her Make-Up

By Tazin AbdullahMedia StudentMacquarie University, Australia This is a satire written to mimic articles, reports and stories generally written about Muslim women by women from Western non-Muslim backgrounds. It is, to some extent, an attempt to convey to the readers how it feels to be ‘othered’ and to be judged superficially in accordance with only one’s own perceptions. I hope you take it for what it is – a satire. (Note: Words referencing to Australia and Sydney have been replaced with America and Miami. Written by a Muslimah student attending a university in Australia.) I do not clearly remember the

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