April - June 2008, Islam

The IslamInSpanish Dinner – Educating Hispanics About Islam

On Friday March 7th, 2008 IslamInSpanish sponsored a dinner at Andalucia Restaurant attended by 200 Spanish Muslims and Non-Muslims along with their families.

The purpose of the dinner was to announce the launch of a new IslamInSpanish.org Website, IslamInSpanish OnlineRadio, as well as an IslamInSpanish TV Series airing on April 08’ – October 08’ on Houston Public Access Channel 17.

The event gained media coverage from major television stations like “Univision” Channel 45 as well as from various well-known local Spanish Newspapers.

Mujahid Fletcher, founder of IslamInSpanish, says, “the closest way to my way of life in Colombia in relation to family values, respect for others, and the value of seeking knowledge was the way of Islam.”

“Therefore, we invited Muhammad Isa to speak on the topic of Family in Islam,” he continued. “We hoped to bridge the gap of understanding between Islam and the Latino culture from a common ground – family values.”

Muhammad Isa Garcia, originally from Argentina, is a graduate of Umm Al-Qura University in Mekkah with a Bachelor Degree in Ussoul Ad-deen (Islamic Theology) with a specialization in the Science of Hadith.

He is the author and translator of the majority of Spanish literature about Islam in the Spanish language available today. He is the leading source of authentic Spanish Islamic content used by IslamInSpanish to produce multimedia audio and video material, which is distributed worldwide to educate Latinos about Islam.