Latino Muslims

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Campaign objective

Support our efforts to promote and educate about Islam in the Latino community by providing scholarships and grants.


Help us promote Islam among the Latino community, Support Today!

The Latino American Dawah Organization has been serving the community for 25 years, your support allows us to:

  • We create scholarships for students and grants for organizations that inspire and empower the Latino Muslim community.
  • We educate Americans about the beauty of Islam, the growing Latino Muslim presence, and the legacy of Islam in Spain, the Americas, and around the World.
  • We maintain a social media presence to share ideas, interesting news, upcoming events, and progress with Latino Muslims around the United States.
  • We develop and distribute unique publications of interest to the Latino Muslim community.
  • We encourage Muslim converts to come together to build and maintain meaningful friendships, to encourage personal growth (tarbiyah) and to invite others to Islam (dawah).
  • We build alliances with local and national Muslim organizations, emphasizing local community action.

Serving the community for 25 years!

The Latino American Dawah Organization (LADO) sprang up from humble and unassuming origins in 1997 as a free AOL page in the early days of the Internet with the goal of sharing Islam, bringing together the Latino Muslim community, and empowering both believers and non-Muslims alike to discover more about the beauty of Islam. The Latino American Dawah Organization (LADO) is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization registered as The LADO Group, Inc with Tax ID 84-5056478.