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Casa A.L.I., Inc


Casa A.L.I., Inc is a non-profit organization in NY. The initials A.L.I. stand for Alianza Afro-Latina Islamica. Casa A.L.I. is focused on providing high-quality service; we will do everything we can to meet your needs.

At Casa Ali we provide substance abuse and HIV/AIDS awareness, anger management, aid to pregnant unmarried women, counseling, ESL and computer literacy classes, and much more, in addition to a sober house environment for our clients. Unfortunately not all people released from jail have the support of a family or friends who will be there to help them or provide a decent place to stay where they are not tempted by the same things that caused them to turn to a life of crime in the first place.

Our founder Robert Kennedy decided to start this organization because he realized that a lot of people go back to their old lifestyles due to hopelessness caused by a lack of the proper support network. We target all impoverished and low-income areas in our communities

Our mission is to give men and women released from incarceration or treatment facilities a place where they can live, keep personal property, have access to phone calls, job searches, public assistance programs, parole, and basic needs till they get on their feet.

We give our residents not only a respectable living environment but also guidance on how to conduct themselves, and how to deal with adversity and/or rejection in order to avoid re-arrest or denial of employment.

Men and women are given spacious living areas where they do not feel as if they are in a shelter environment and have to be up at the crack of dawn to leave the facility in search of employment

Our intake and residential program is six months long with the reserved option of extending that period for three months if necessary for a total maximum of nine months.

We also provide them with transportation for them to go to and fro to the places they need to. We have The Aftercare Services Program, which provides a follow up for one year after they leave our residence to ensure their success.

Our After Care Director sees to it that after our residents leave our homes they are not left without a support group to assist them if they encounter difficulties.

Residents successfully completing the program are eligible to return if they encounter difficulties or are unable to maintain gainful employment and stable residence, but only on a case by case basis.

As Afro-Latinos and African-Americans ourselves we have firsthand experience with the effects that lack of decent community assistance programs can have on our neighborhoods so we know our market.

We will be also taking the burden off of government by providing a valuable service and lifting part of the financial burden recidivism, homelessness, and unemployment create.

Our approach is more holistic in the sense that we also provide mentoring through our volunteers and staff, some of whom in the past were incarcerated or underwent treatment at a substance abuse facility but have successfully made the transition into responsible, gainfully employed adults and can now show our residents how they did it in order to have a positive impact on their lives.

Casa ALI is a member organization of the New Lots Community Enrichment Coalition and the East New York Enrichment Coalition providing services in a ‘one stop shopping’ from our easily accessible community location at New Lots Family Center in Brooklyn, NY. We provide access to Housing, Comprehensive Social, GED and Computer Literacy Education, STD Prevention and Awareness, and Business Services. These services help Casa ALI live up to our motto ‘ Helping Those In Need.’

Our target client population include: Ex-Offenders, Low Income Families, Senior Citizens, Recovering Addicts/Alcoholics, and Disabled. Our coalition of organizations provide 175 years of experience and services to the community.

We accept all donations including cash, autos, clothing, etc. to help us in our mission to assist those of us that are disadvantaged.

We also need mentors.

Thank you.

Send us an email or call to make an appointment if you are interested in being accepted into one of our homes.

We accept men and women.

Alianza Afro Latina Islam

Casa A.L.I.


Aqui hay informacion sobre una organizacion islamica sin fines de lucro en NY. Casa A.L.I. significa Alianza Afro-Latina Islamica.

Casa ALI es una organizacion para ayudar personas que salen de la carcel, prision, o centros de rehabilitacion sin tener a donde ir a vivir. Proveemos hospedaje temporal (transitional housing) y ayuda con ciertos problemas sociales. Proveemos hospedaje en cuartos amplios y limpios donde pueden mantener sus pertenencias, tener acceso al telefono, recibir correo, y tener contacto con sus oficiales de la supervison.

No somos un refugio, sino un lugar donde pueden vivir por 6 meses y recibir consejos de nuestros voluntarios, algunos de los cuales tambien han pasado por el camino de la carcel o han sido descargados de centros de rehabilitacion en el pasado pero que hoy son exitosos en sus carreras y pueden mostrarle a otros como se hace.

Si usted es una persona creyente en Dios o caritativa, y tiene recursos financieros o de su tiempo para ser un mentor voluntario y tener un impacto positivo en la vida de alguien que necesita su ayuda, favor de ponerse en contacto con nosotros por correo electronico o llamarnos por telefono.

Apreciamos su donacion y su apoyo.

Gracias por su interes en nuestro programa y en su visita a nuestra pagina. Favor de mandarnos un correo electronico

Que dios los bendiga.

Alianza Afro Latina Islam