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The Message International - Latino Muslims

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You can call 718-658-5163 for copies of The Message International magazine featuring Latino Muslims or visit In case you missed any of the Latino Muslims issue, you may back order issues of The Message magazine.

The Message International
Bilingual issue
January/February 1435/2014

Latinos In Islam: Rediscovering Their Lost Heritage
Los Latinos En El Islam: Descubriendo Sus RaĆ­ces Perdidas

The November/December 2014 issue
of The Message International features
the following articles about Latino

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Editorial: The Ansar of Today... Wendy Diaz, pg6
Latinos Accepting Islam: A Return to Their True Heritage... Hernan Guadalupe and Wendy Diaz, pg18/32
Chiapas, Mexico: Remembering Our Fellow Muslims... Imam Isa Roas, pg21/35
A Sign That Could Not Be Ignored... Miriam Colon, pg22/36
A Story of Love and Dawah... Yanna Lopez Rejon, pg24/38
How Fasting Led Me to Islam... Melissa Barreto, pg25/39
From Cuba to Islam: Patricia's Journey... Patricia Celis, pg26/40
The Role of the Muslim Women in the Upbringing of Children... Liliana Anaya Giraldo, pg28/42
Interview with Mujahid Fletcher... Wendy Diaz, pg30/44


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