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The Message International - Latino Muslims

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You can call 718-658-5163 for copies of The Message International magazine featuring Latino Muslims or visit In case you missed any of the Latino Muslims issue, you may back order issues of The Message magazine.

The Message International
Bilingual issue
November/December 1434/2012

Stories of the Latino Muslims who have embraced Islam
Historias de los latinos que han abrazado el Islam

The November/December 2012 issue
of The Message International features
the following articles about Latino

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Editorial: Our Collective Role in the Spanish Dawah... Wendy Diaz, pg7
Dawah in Mexico: Hispanic Converts Take Islam Home... Wendy Diaz, pg18/34
Finding God and a Purpose in Islam... Marta Guadalupe, pg20/36
My Conversion Story... Zainab Ismail, pg21/45
The Gift of Islam... Tanya Cantu, pg23/40
Finding Islam in Mexico: A Journalist's Story... Martha Patricia Garcia, pg24/38
Allah Rescues a Boricua Through Islam... Imam Daniel Abdullah Hernandez, pg26/42
Peace and Piety... Nylka Vargas, pg29/39
From Juan to Shafiq... Juan Shafiq, pg30/41
El Samurai Latino... Hernan Abu Uthman Guadalupe, pg32/44


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