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The Message Int'l - Latino Muslims

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You can call 718-658-5163 for copies of The Message International magazine featuring Latino Muslims or visit In case you missed any of the Latino Muslims issue, you may back order issues of The Message magazine.

The Message International
Bilingual issue
November/December 1425/2004

Latinos: The Search for Islam.
La busqueda para el Islam.

You can read some of the articles from the Latino Muslims issue online.

The November/December 2004 issue
of The Message International features
the following articles about Latino

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Editorial: The Rise of Latino Muslims... Juan Galvan, pg7
My Journey to an Earth-bound Paradise... Zeina Mena, pg9
Second Annual Hispanic Muslim Day... Shinoa Matos, pg10
Thoughts among Latino Muslims... Juan Galvan, pg13
Curiosity, Internet Lead Korman to Islam... pg15
Latino Muslim open house in New Orleans... Cara Harpole, pg19
What happened to Spain and the Spaniards?... Lidia Ingah, pg20
877-Why-Islam: A Cerca De Nosotros... pg22
Fourth Annual Gathering of the Latina Sisters... Rebecca Abuqaoud, pg23
My Conversion Story... Ali Melena, pg26
Is Your God Black?... Juan Alvarado, pg27
Lonely in the Masjid... Shinoa Matos, pg29
Latinos in Atlanta... Siri Carrion, pg31
Pensanientos entre Los Musulmanes Latinos... Por Juan Galvan, pg33
Interview: Shaykh Yahya Suquillo... Diana Mariam Santos Garcia, pg40


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